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Sample Limoges - Pictures
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Here you will find all the Lars Karlin Arrangements available for sale. 


My interest in writing music and arrangements for brass ensembles started at the age of 15. My first inspiration was the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. 

From the beginning, my arrangements have been, mainly, focused on and around the trombone and trombone ensembles. 


I have often had the pleasure of writing arrangements for ensembles in which I myself have been an active member.


Writing arrangements for ensembles of which I was a member, has been the most useful contributing factors in my development. Enabling me to create challenging arrangements that push the players in those ensembles (and myself) to the very boundaries of their skills.


This is best seen with the Trombone Unit Hannover and their journey since conception.  From playing the three renaissance suites by Tielman Susato to the later arrangement of Pictures of an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky. 


Therefor many of the arrangements found in the category  ”Trombone Ensemble”, were developed especially for the Trombone Unit Hannover. 


The goal of Lars Karlin Arrangements is to present the world with a repertoire of new, interesting and challenging arrangements and compositions for trombone and brass ensembles. 

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